You Can Now Get These Gorgeous Sea Glass Christmas Trees For Your Holiday Decor

You Can Now Get These Gorgeous Sea Glass Christmas Trees For Your Holiday Decor

With Christmas just two days away, we are looking at a lot of innovative Christmas tree ideas and these sea glass Christmas trees seem just perfect for the occasion.

As children, most of us had the habit of collecting sea glass when we used to go and stay at our beach house. Even though technically it was called Beach Glass, most of us got used to calling it sea-glass over the years. Most children used to carry a little bag with them to hold all their finds until they can sort them by color when they return home.

So, what would you say if we told you people are now putting up Christmas tree made out of sea glass that you collected as a child?


There is a sea-glass inspired Christmas tree available on the market that is made by Kristin and sold by Etsy. (Although it's currently unavailable, watch out it might be back anytime soon). This beach-inspired DIY sea glass Christmas tree can be made using your sea glass collection that you’ll want to display every holiday season.

Each tree is said to be made individually and the artist, Kristin, works with sea glass and seashells, so there will always be a variation and equally beautiful in design.


In order to make a sea glass Christmas tree, you will need sea glass in different shapes, sizes, and colors, paper mache cardboard cones, Starfish embellishments, Toothpicks, Hot glue gun with clear glue sticks, Americana Acrylics in snow white, ¾” flat paintbrush, sharp-pointed tools. As reported by Crafts By Amanda. 


Start off by poking a hole through the top of the cone using a sharp-pointed tool. In order to change the size of the cones, cut off some of the height at the bottom of one of the cones. Then, wrap a piece of scotch tape approximately ¾” from the base. Then, cut along the taped-edge to reduce the height of the cone by using a utility knife or a good pair of scissors. Make sure to remove the tape before you move to the next step. 


The next step is to paint the cones and toothpicks using acrylic paint in white. Leave the paint coat to dry up completely before you move on to the next step. In order to make the star-stopper, take the starfish embellishments with the backside facing up and apply some glue to the backside of the starfish and place one of the painted toothpicks down on top so one end hangs past the starfish. Then, hold the starfish in place until the glue sets and put it aside to dry up. 


In case you are using actual sea glass, be sure to thoroughly wash and dry it before gluing. After that, preheat the glue gun and work quickly as the glue gun sets quickly but work carefully to avoid injury.

Coming to the Christmas tree, start with the cone base by applying some glue and press one piece of sea glass over the glue. Remember not to extend the sea glass past the base of the cone and continue around the rim of the cone gluing one piece of glass at a time. For the second row, try overlapping the edge pieces at the bottom with the top each of the sea glass from the previous row. 



Continue with one piece of sea glass at a time and work your way up to the cone using different sizes and colors. Once the glue has completely set in and dried, clean off any loose glue strands and place the star on the top of each tree by inserting the end of the toothpick. 

Will you be trying it out? Let us know!

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