Artists Create Stunning Resin Tables That Look Like Waves Crashing On The Shore

Artists Create Stunning Resin Tables That Look Like Waves Crashing On The Shore

Rivka Wilkins and Jared Davis have managed to capture the beauty of the ocean with their resin tables and it's truly spectacular.

Cover Image: Instagram/ Rivka Williams and Jared Davis 

The ocean always manages to capture our attention every time we look at it. Numerous poems have been written and are still being written about the beauty of the ocean and now, it seems like these two artists have somehow managed to capture the beauty of it through resin tables. Artist Rivka Wilkins and woodworker Jared Davis have collaborated on an exciting project, and the results are absolutely mesmerizing. 


Wilkins does the work of employing a unique resin technique to capture the spirit of the crashing ocean waves and Davis does the woodwork. According to Davis, he approached Wilkins for the collaboration project after he found out about her work on Instagram and lucky for him, Wilkins agreed. In a conversation with Awesome Inventions, Davis said, "She seemed totally genuine and actually our first collaboration was a giveaway for my 40k follower mark. I had her do resin waves on that first bench and we gave it away. It went so well that we decided to be partners and start building more of them!"


In order to create these unique tables, Davis first selects a good live edge slab and then he proceeds to cut and sand the slab in proper length so that he can properly ship it off to Rivka. Once Rivka receives the product, she starts applying her special resin technique, where the waves form on the top of the slab. Then, she ships off the slab to Davis, who finishes the piece by sanding the top of the slab and when it is done, measuring and ordering the table’s legs, he assembles it all together. Needless to say, the result is absolutely beautiful. 


Davis added, "It just seems like a supernatural pairing of two things that we find in nature. Although the resin isn’t actual water, Rivka creates the effect better than almost anybody. So seeing those waves follow the natural curves of the live edge slab which mimic the natural curves of shoreline is truly unique.”

Both artists come from a talented background. Rivka is an Israel-born Utah-based artist and she has lived all over the world where she has been exposed to almost every form of art. Almost a decade back, Rivka became a graphic artist, but she still decided to explore what else she could do.


Wilkins said, "I always want to be pushing myself, and to discover new and exciting things. I still travel and hope to never stop experiencing the world. I stumbled upon fluid art, which led to the resin. I love this form of art because it forces me to let go of control. I constantly find inspiration in the world around me but especially in space, the sky and the flow of water.” 


Davis has had a woodworking background which stems from the time he spent with his dad as a child. He has always been involved with some type of woodwork since his dad had a construction business. 

You can check out their work here and here.

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