This Terrifying Escape Room TRAPS You Inside A Serial Killer's Basement, Dare To Play?

This Terrifying Escape Room TRAPS You Inside A Serial Killer's Basement, Dare To Play?

'Thirst For Murder' is a scary escape room in Smart Pantz, Vancouver that offers a real challenge that would delight any excited paranormal geek and horror sub-culture enthusiast. Its eerie atmosphere and the iconic host will have you coming back for more!

Have you ever thought about what would happen if someone captured, imprisoned and threatened to kill you because he/she believed that your death leads to them acquiring eternal life? That's crazy!

But guess what, you might just be put into a situation where you're trapped in a nightmarish basement and are amount to fall into the ruthless hands of a killer's psychotic and cannibalistic quest for the fountain of youth. All is not lost however, there is hope even in the darkest of journeys, you've been left alone and there may be a way out.



This is the real puzzle and experience that awaits you at  Smarty Pantz's escape room 'Thirst For Murder' in downtown Vancouver. You will need to solve the epic puzzles that await you there and escape before you fall prey to the dreaded killer's bloodlust for murder.

Located at 100 - 289 Abbott St, Vancouver, British Columbia, you can test your bravery and see if you can escape this nightmarish room in under 45 minutes for $200 for 8 people ($25 a person). Thirst For Murder is the last place you want to be if you are faint of heart. The blood, handcuffs, and eerie vibe all around makes the situation seem so lifelike and real. The host of this escape room, Beetle, the dreaded killer, is a hungry and frightening one, and he scares the bejeezus out of people as they journey the path through the terrifying room. 


With what is promised to be a most wonderful experience, those who have gone in many such escape rooms in the past would most certainly acknowledge on how top notch 'Thirst For Murder' is. The terrific performance of the host only matches the eerie ambiance of the room.

The actual puzzles are so intricate and well-thought of that each piece would enhance your experience. 'Thirst For Murder' is most certainly a room that lives up the legacy of horror sub-culture and will leave you will an adrenaline rush up to the end.


The idea behind 'Thirst For Murder' is that you're trapped in a dream where you find yourself locked in a basement, of the psychotic cannibal killer 'Beetle' who's on a quest for eternal youth. Unfortunately for you, this quest requires him to eat humans, and you're his next victim.

You have less than 1 Hour to escape before he gets to you and you die (lose). Smarty Pantz describes the escape room as "not for the faint of heart." The macabre setting is gruesome, with blood everywhere from the last murder victims. The immersive room offers challenging puzzles that will you leave you racing to free yourself from the basement in time. Smarty Pantz describes Thirst For Murder as being moderate to hard in difficulty.


As mentioned above, it is best suited for a team of 4 to 8 people, but you can do the room with a team size between 2 to 8 people. To complete the escape room, you will need to escape within 45 minutes. Curious to try this room for yourself? Gather your bravest friends, and see if you all can escape!

Thirst For Murder costs $200 for 8 players ($25 a person). Make sure to reserve a timeslot to try the room on Smarty Pantz's website. Don't fret if you feel like the challenge is going to ruin the experience, Smarty Pantz have already released spoilers on how to finish the puzzle at 'Thirst For Murder', but they recommend holding off on checking it out until you experience it firsthand without any prior knowledge of the room. 


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