Artist Spends 15 Months Creating A Huge Ghostly Pirate Ship And It's Incredible

Artist Spends 15 Months Creating A Huge Ghostly Pirate Ship And It's Incredible

Jason Stieva has named his immaculately stunning work as 'Leviathan - Ark of the Apocalypse'.

When you've been in a trade for a long time, then you start to make things that attract a lot of good attention to your work. That's what tattoo artist Jason Stieva underwent when he decided to make a monstrous pirate ghost ship. It all began when he happened to see a scale model of a ship mounted to the ceiling. He admired the work for a while and then decided to implement his own unique Gothic style into the project.








It was no easy task, but a long and painfully slow process of finally completing the ghost pirate ship. There were some very minute details made that would truly impress any art or craft lover. The art of the ship and an army of horror creatures and animals on board had to be created one-by-one. Stieva worked on the design for 15 whole months but the results were well worth it. He named his project, which could very well be his magnum opus, as 'Leviathan - Ark of the Apocalypse'. The ship measures 8 feet high, 7.5 feet long, and about 2.5 feet wide and is one complete masterpiece.




The artist has been sculpting for quite a few years and he also likes to pursue this in his free time. This is unlike the projects he usually takes as they are based on deadlines. Sculpting, on the other hand, is something he does whenever he feels like it. Speaking of the same, he told My Modern Met, "Sculpting is a lot different than tattooing which I can do anytime. With sculptures, I have to be in the mood to work on them and not be forced with deadlines. One of the most difficult parts of sculpting the ghost ship was to make the creatures who form part of the army. Overall it was the most daunting project I’ve ever worked on and will probably ever create."







You can find Stieva's magnum opus as part of his Gothic Times series, which he actually began around nine years ago. That was around the time he had acquired a portion of an old clockmaker's estate. When it comes to The Leviathan - Ark of the Apocalypse, it is found at the home of a collector. The person who has it is also one of Stieva's clients and even had a ship tattooed on his chest by the artist himself. Stieva, meanwhile, runs his own tattoo studio called Sinful Inflictions which keeps him pretty busy. While that happens, he continues to look for materials to make sculptures with, even at garage sales, thrift shops, flea markets, or auctions. 




His works soon went viral and he has a 90,000 strong following on Instagram where he has displayed several of his works. You can also visit his tattoo studio page here. Most viewers were in awe of his pirate ship with one person even commenting: "I will pay any sum of money for this", while another added:" Wow Just amazing detail..". All in all, it's truly an impressive work that deserves all the recognition it can get! We hope to see more elaborate constructs from Stieva in the future. 






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