Artist Creates Fossilized Skulls Of Pop Culture Icons And It's Creepily Realistic

Artist Creates Fossilized Skulls Of Pop Culture Icons And It's Creepily Realistic

Filip Hodas designs skulls of some well-known cartoon characters, giving them a fascinating spin.

Filip Hodas is an illustrator, computer animator, visual effects artist, and pop culture connoisseur who has gained a lot of recognition for his dystopian creations. Hodas, a Prague-based artist has reimagined our favorite cartoon characters. He titled his innovative project as 'Cartoon Fossils' where he has crafted 3D renderings that feature the skulls of Goofy, Scrooge McDuck, Spongebob Squarepants, and Minnie Mouse among others. Each of his creations is presented as an artifact of the museum such as Goofy’s Hat and Minnie’s bow sitting on a pedestal with tiny labels that read their scientific names. The time, effort and dedication that Hodas has put into each of his creations is simply phenomenal.   








Hodas created 'Cartoon Fossils' as an experiment with the programs Zbrush and Substance Painter. As time passed, his initial plans for the series changed. On the website Behance, the artist said, "I always enjoyed creating skulls. So I decided to combine my skull passion with 3D and some of my favorite childhood cartoon characters. Initially, I wanted to make them stylized as dinosaur fossils set up in a museum environment, but later decided against it, as the skulls didn’t look very recognizable on their own—especially with parts broken or missing.”










He continued, "The main goal of the series was to get better at sculpting and to experiment with Zbrush and Substance Painter. For each skull, I have tried to adjust and improve the workflow which resulted in quite a visible difference between the first (Canis Goofus) and the last series (Anas Scoorgius). To make it more cartoony, I decided to contrast the realistic look of the skull with colorful flat backgrounds." The artist explained, "I was really into dinosaurs and their fossils as a little kid. When I got older, I thought skulls were very badass, so I would draw them often. Skulls were among the first things that I had at least some idea of how to sculpt. The first one I was proud of looks terrible in retrospect!”









To create each piece, Hodas used a combination of programs including Cinema 4D, Zbrush, 3D Coat, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer. But this is not the first time he has surprised people with his creations. Previously, Hodas has managed to creep people out with his illustrations about a dystopian future where Pac Man and Hello Kitty looks nothing like we know them to be. The usually happy-looking Pacman is all burnt-out and a defunct Hello Kitty's hollow eyes are sure to creep you out. Apart from them, Hodas has also illustrated a Martian Playstation space station, and an algae-covered bender. You can take a look at his fascinating work on Instagram or Behance.  

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