Family Wins Halloween With Their Spooky Yard Decor From ‘Elm Street’ And ‘Pet Sematary’

Family Wins Halloween With Their Spooky Yard Decor From ‘Elm Street’ And ‘Pet Sematary’

Complete with a bloody bed and eerie graveyard, this family's yard is what every horror enthusiast's dreams are made of.

Buckle up, folks. It's that time of year again. The Wilkes Family has, once again, stunned us all with their dedication, artistry, and creativity. Just in time to get into the Halloween spirit, they have gone all out on their outdoor Halloween decor. This year, the family decided to pay tribute to two horror classics: Elm Street and Pet Sematary. Decking their house out with cornerstone motifs from both hit features, they have managed to blow our minds yet again. Take a look at some of the eerie, gory, and absolutely spooky details they have included in this year's set.

Source: Facebook

The Wilkes Family home is located in the town of Bensenville in Illinois, United States. If you've got the time - and perhaps, the courage - it's a treat to drive by at night and witness the house in all its horrific glory. This year's Halloween decorations include an awesome nod to the iconic “Welcome to primetime, bitch!” death scene from Dream Warriors. In addition to this, the Wilkes Family decided to incorporate an unforgettable scene: Johnny Depp’s death scene from Wes Craven’s original film. How did they manage to do that? Well, they rigged up a “blood waterfall” and basically built a bed around it, making it appear as if the blood is shooting up or squirting out of the mattress itself. Talk about some mad ingenuity right there!


If you're a Pet Sematary fan, then you're definitely going to get hyped up by the tribute they've set up for the thriller flick. Their decor has featured nods to both the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel as well as this year’s modern adaptation. Of course, they couldn't leave out the quintessential sign! That's been a huge feature of their 2019 Halloween decorations, too. If you want a full tour of the Wilkes Family's spooky horror home but can't make the trip out to Illinois, you can always check out their Facebook page, where they've stated: "For over 20 years, our family has been putting together elaborate Halloween displays at our home in the West Suburbs of Chicago. Our themes are never repeated and each year we continue to make the display better and better. In 2013, we moved to Bensenville, Illinois, where our displays have grown to the point that we've received a lot of recognition. We wanted to create a space where we can share our past displays and what we're working on for the future."


This year's decorations have already received a lot of love and appreciation from fans of the Wilkes Family's decor. The video they posted of the most recent decor has received over 3,200 reactions on Facebook. The video has also been commented on over 450 times and shared over 3,700 times. Needless to say, they're incredibly popular amongst horror and Halloween enthusiasts. Cinthia Ford wrote, "All I have to say is, sweet. You guys did a hell of a job." Tony Roberson added, "I really like your effort. Your originality is shining through." Laura Hoss noted, "Very cool, trick or treating must be fun around your neighborhood!" And we're sure it must be.


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