You Can Now Tour This Incredible Michigan Log Home With 220 Christmas Trees, 60000 Ornaments

You Can Now Tour This Incredible Michigan Log Home With 220 Christmas Trees, 60000 Ornaments

The three-story log cabin in Algonac, Michigan is home to 220 Christmas trees and 60,000 ornaments and is possibly the most festive home in all of US.

It seems like this log cabin from Michigan could be the most festive home in all of the US. This giant log home is actually someone's residence and is known as the Christmas Tree Walk. It is a three-storeyed, 9,500-foot property located in the town of Algonac houses. And the best part? It is adorned with 220 Christmas trees and 60,000 ornaments. 



The owner of this festive home, Diane Kodet, said that she and her late husband spent over a decade amassing their collection of Christmas trinkets and she started setting them up as early as the summer. In a conversation with Michigan Live, Kodet said, "Setting up takes a lot of teamwork and a lot of man-hours. Probably from August until we start the Christmas Walk in December, we spend at least 40 hours every week putting up the trees.”


This is the first Christmas, Diane spent without her husband, who sadly passed away recently. She added, saying, "I love Christmas and collecting Christmas, but this was his passion and unfortunately he passed away in September. We were pretty much halfway through of getting everything ready for this year and we decided we were going to continue it and honor his memory.” 


Almost every inch of her five bedrooms seven-bathroom home is stuffed full of Christmas collectibles and you can find trees even near her pool. Kodet said that she tries to spread Christmas cheer and has opened up her home every December since 2003 for the 'Christmas Walk'. 

Along with the 'Christmas Walk', the entire house turns into a living museum and people who want to visit are able to purchase tickets to take a tour around the premises. 


She added, "' We get people that are all the way from two years old up to 90 years old and they always find a tree that reminds them of something they saw when they were a child."

The Christmas Walk was started back in 2003, but this year, it was a little more emotional for Kodet as it was the first Christmas she spent without her husband. Allen and Diane Kodet were married for 45 years and it was him who sparked her love of collecting Christmas trinkets.  




Diane says the trees tell the story of the origin of Christmas ornaments in the U.S. She said, "Every tree in the house has some sort of a theme. Originally, it started out with being themed towards a decade. Now, with over 200 trees, I’ve run out of decades. So now we have trees that have a theme, for example, an all-angel tree, an all-bear tree. We also have trees that are dedicated to a certain company that made ornaments.”




You can check out more details about the house here. Tickets start from $17 for adults and $10 per child (ages 2-15). You can book here.

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