You Can Now Get A Life-Size Iridescent Skeleton For Your Perfect Halloween Decor

You Can Now Get A Life-Size Iridescent Skeleton For Your Perfect Halloween Decor

The stylish finish and spooky boney structure of this Halloween decor will make you want to leave it up all around the year!

What's Halloween without some delightfully spooky decorations that are sure to scare the living daylights out of your neighbors? It's always more fun as it involves a lot more theatrics and activities to be carried out, thus bringing families together.

However, there are many who prefer hosting a party celebrating the eerie event with a touch of elegance. And with hardly a few weeks left for Halloween to arrive, I'm sure, most people have already bought their desired decorations or at least have taken their old ones out of the garage.

But for those who are still looking for something that would be the absolute star of the party, here's a life-size skeleton decor like no other. 



This life-size iridescent skeleton from Grandin Road could hang out with our beloved Jack Skellington. There is quite a few number of skeleton-themed Halloween decorations that you must have seen this year alone, but this 5 feet tall boney figure is by far the best you might have come across.

With an iridescent plated finish, the product is sure to stand out from the rest. Thanks to its poseable jaw and limbs, you can either have it stand up by the door to greet your guests or seated at the piano. If you feel like giving the lustrous skeleton a brand new look you can either dress it up in a sophisticated manner or simply leave it the way it is if that's too much of an effort. Either way, it's sure to dazzle the onlookers!

Source: Grandinroad


You don't have to worry about finding clothes of the right size for your skeleton as it has been "realistically scaled,  so he can be dressed in costume." Honestly, this decoration is something that you might end up keeping out to be displayed all year round, especially if you want your house to give off a spooky but sophisticated vibe.

Source: Grandinroad


Describing the product, the website reads: "Our Iridescent Skeleton is no shrinking violet. Over 5 ft. tall and fully hinged, he is designed to be the life of the party, especially when your Halloween stretches beyond the traditional black and orange. Prop him against a banister, sitting at the piano, or give him a hat to wear. Durably crafted to make the guest list, year after year."

The product which is priced at $139 is definitely worth every cent! And if you wish to get this poseable skeleton for a reduced price, hurry to the Grandin Road's website now, as they are selling it at $95.20!

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this extremely stylish and spooky skeleton right away! You can buy it here.

Source: Grandinroad

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