This 'Labyrinth'-Inspired Candle Will Make Your Room Smell Like The Goblin King

This 'Labyrinth'-Inspired Candle Will Make Your Room Smell Like The Goblin King

It smells like 'leather pants, dark amber, and magic'.

If you've grown up watching Labyrinth, you would remember what an iconic movie it was. In fact, Jareth the Goblin King played by David Bowie still remains one of our favorite characters from childhood. And now, if you want to relive those memories again, how about we suggest something truly incredible? No, we are not asking you to watch the movie but instead, you can actually get a candle that will make your room smell like the Goblin King. 

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And yes, the Goblin King-inspired candle is a soy vegan one and smells like 'leather pants, dark amber, and magic'. It is currently available on Etsy and the 8oz glass jar is priced at $16 while the 4oz glass jar is priced at $8.50. The product description reads, "Be careful what you wish for, or you might summon the King of The Goblins! Jareth smells like Dark Amber, Magic, and Leather Pants. 8 oz candle in 9 oz glass jar with black metal lid. Burn Time is 50+ hours if burned correctly." You can get the product right here.

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Of course, the product received great reviews from happy customers. One person wrote, "I ordered quite a few candles from BriarWick and I am in love! They arrived quickly, smell beautiful, and are of great quality. I will definitely be ordering from them again!" Another added, "The scent is sexy and the candle itself is lovely!" A third quipped in saying, "Purchased as a birthday gift for a friend, she loved it!" 

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Meanwhile, Labyrinth fans had a mixed response when they found out that the iconic movie was getting a sequel. Tristar Entertainment is working on Labyrinth 2 with director Scott Derrickson of Dr. Strange fame. Maggie Levin has been roped in as the writer while Lisa Henson is going to produce on behalf of Jim Henson Company, along with Brian Henson, who is going to executive produce it.

While a sequel may not sound that bad an idea, the thought of someone replacing David Bowie's character sounds like a nightmare. It would be very difficult for anyone to play the Goblin King better than Bowie did. In fact, one name has been popping up among the Labyrinth fans who they think will do justice to the role. Yes, it's none other than Tilda Swinton and actually, we are on board for that. The idea is slowly gaining traction on social media with people urging the production house to consider the plea.



A user by the name TheRealJohnny_D wrote: "So I just learned that a sequel to Labyrinth is being put into production. Putting aside the fact that this makes me feel despair, we can all agree that Tilda Swinton should play Jareth, right?" MVbrat wrote: "I'm for Tilda Swinton or Janelle Monae if they do recast the Goblin King. I mean, a friend of mine brought up that Bowie probably wasn't his true form given what's in Sarah's room. So, dude could be a shapeshifter."

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