This Old Funeral Home Is Now A Haunted House That You Can Visit This Halloween

This Old Funeral Home Is Now A Haunted House That You Can Visit This Halloween

Sounds like the perfect Halloween getaway!

New Orleans is a city that attracts fans of the macabre with its haunted houses, voodoo museums, and labyrinthine cemeteries. Because of its mystical past, the city has no shortage of urban legends and ghostly encounters that are yet to be debunked by skeptics. The French Quarters is where you can visit the legendary La Laurie Mansion and St. Louis Cemeteries. But did you know New Orleans has an old funeral home that has now been turned into a haunted house?


Built in 1872, this gorgeous Victorian mansion is one of Louisiana's famous haunted house attractions. The Mortuary has found itself on more than a few national Best Haunted House Attractions lists like The Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel. Every year, thousands of people wait for their chance to go inside the Revival mansion. The house was built in 1872 by Irish immigrants Mary Slattery and her husband, John, who bought the property from Ina M. Hoyle. It's said that during the construction of the house, John hoped this house will be passed down to generations. 




Some part of the land was acquired from a next-door cemetery, now known as the Hope Mausoleum, the Hebrew Congregation of Temme Derech. During the 1880s, Mary and John were living in the house with their six children and a couple, the Keanes, who were good friends. But, every time the family looked outside, all they could see were tombstones. While the Jewish cemetery sat to their left, the Metairie Cemetery, which houses thousands of dead, sat on their right. 


The Mortuary’s owner, Jeff Borne said, "The Mortuary is a haunted house in a real haunted house! We’re probably in the middle of a probably a million graves within a square mile radius of this building—starting within inches away from the building." The house was turned into a funeral home after McCaleb bought the property on behalf of PJ McMahon. The funeral home was equipped with an autopsy room, an embalming room, an on-site crematorium, a smoking parlor for men, private bedrooms, dining rooms, and eat-in areas. The funeral home operated for 80 years and it is said that over 20,000 funerals were conducted there. 


During Halloween, the three-story mansion transforms itself as one of the most haunted houses in the city and it is truly a sight to behold. In fact, Mortuary is known as one of the most realistic haunted attractions in the world. The themes around the house change every year and you never know what to expect. The Mortuary is verified by at least a dozen of paranormal researchers that it is actually haunted. This comes as no surprise since the building is surrounded by cemeteries and it also served as a funeral home. 


A number of people have reported seeing a woman in white on the third floor crying out for her husband and two child ghosts who love playing pranks on unsuspecting visitors. So do you think you have what it takes to visit this haunted mortuary? If yes, then you need to head down to 4800 Canal St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70119.

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