This Photographer Spent Years Capturing Waves And The Many 'Moods' Of The Ocean

This Photographer Spent Years Capturing Waves And The Many 'Moods' Of The Ocean

Ocean photographer Matt Burgess spent more than six-years photographing different kinds of waves in Australia capturing its varied moods.

Cover Image Credits: Instagram/ Matt Burgees Photo

We are truly humbled in the presence of Mother Nature, and all it has to offer. The ocean is one of the most mesmerizing and mystifying forces of nature that we get to enjoy. More often than not, we take her beauty for granted, but luckily for us, there is an ocean photographer, Matt Burgess, who is there to remind us of her magnificent beauty.  






Burgess is a gifted photographer. He is from Australia and his aim is to capture waves and the different 'moods' of the mysterious ocean. The talented Australian photographer has been photographing the ocean for around six years now and heads to the ocean before sunrise to capture it and its myriad hues. According to My Modern Met, he says, "One thing that draws me to the water most mornings before the sun rises is the relationship between water and light."  


Burgess shares his stunning photography on Instagram and his website, where you can purchase them.  His photography is so realistic that you can almost feel that you are one with the ocean, as evidenced by the up close and personal shots of the water. The translucent finish of a single wave is gorgeously complemented with hues of blue and purple alongside the reflection of the warm sun.  


For Burgess, "there is no better way to start the day." But photographing the waves does not come easy. He has to spend hours in the open waters so that he can capture the stunning ocean wave photography. 


Through his mesmerizing photographs, he successfully shows the different "moods" of the ocean. His barrel waves, which is the tube or curl of the wave, just before it breaks is phenomenal.  






Similarly, these fast-exposure images of Carribean Waves look absolutely ethereal. Photographer Pierre Carreau effortlessly captures crashing walls of water with the help of fast-exposure settings from his camera. These images have a crystal-like effect frozen in time. According to his website, "Nature presents to us this vibrant energy daily wherever the ocean meets the shore. We are incapable of capturing these fleeting masterpieces with our own eyes.” 






In order to achieve this extraordinary feat, Carreau pays attention to details in both small and large waves, light angles, and reflection, when clicking a picture. Starting off his career as an IT Professional, he and his family moved to the island of St. Barthlemy in the Caribbean and he started practicing there. He said, "Water is amazing. Basically it has no color, but through reflection and refraction, it can possess all of them, the entire spectrum of light.”

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