The Bell Witch Cave Is So Terrifying, You Have To Sign A Waiver Before Entering

The Bell Witch Cave Is So Terrifying, You Have To Sign A Waiver Before Entering

The cave scared the former US President Andrew Jackson so much he allegedly said, "I would rather face the British Army than to spend another night with the Bell Witch."

Boo! Ghosts, psychics, and all other expressions of the supernatural are found almost everywhere you see. Scary movies, haunted houses, and other spooky activities send some people running, while others can’t get enough. Going by human nature, it is natural for us to run away from places that cannot be explained by our rational mind. So why do we love haunted houses and why does the unknown intrigue us so much?  According to a study recently published, if a person has a voluntary scary experience, the researchers found people were in better moods and had decreased brain activity overall. Maybe this is exactly why we seek the answer to what lies in the great beyond. 

There are lots of creepy places in the world that people love to visit in order to seek the answer to the unknown. One such haunted place is present right outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Known to be one of the most haunted and paranormal spots in the world, the areas around the Bell Witch cave is home to countless creepy stories, reported Narcity.



This unassuming cave has a long and spooky history, one that started with a farmer named John Bell. Accompanied by his children and wife, Bell is said to have moved to the then Robertson County, Tennessee in 1804. The 320-acre farmland is situated just off the Red River and the family lived a peaceful and prosperous life for the first 13 years. However, legend says things started going awry from 1817 and it would change the course of the family's lives forever.



The cave's official page narrates the legend saying, "Some members of the family began seeing strange looking animals around the property. Then late at night, they started hearing knocking sounds on the doors and outer walls of the house."

The legend also says sounds like chains being dragged around in the house, bed posts gnawed at by rats, gulping and choking sounds, stones being dropped on the wooden floors used to be heard. Now, as any normal family would be, the Bells were absolutely terrified of this spooky experience, but they chose to keep this experience to themselves for an entire year.  




The story follows, "When things became intolerable, John confided in a neighbor, James Johnson. He invited Mr and Mrs Johnson to spend the night. After several nights of witnessing these strange things, Mr. Johnson suggested that more people should be told. And a committee was formed and an investigation started." It didn't take long for the Bell's farm to become a tourist hub for people coming from miles away to get a firsthand glimpse of the spirit that terrorized the poor family.


"Before long the unseen force had gained enough strength that it now had a voice. When asked who and what it was, it gave different identities. It once stated that it was the witch of a neighbor woman named Kate Batts," the website reads. And thus, came the name "Kate the Bell's Witch". The vengeful spirit allegedly remained in the house for two primary reasons. Firstly, to kill John Bell and then to stop Bell's youngest daughter from marrying a neighbor, a boy named Joshua Gardner. She also had a habit of beating up the family members. They say she eventually poisoned and killed John Bell. 


Next, her target was Betsy Bell. She tortured Betsy severely until she called off her engagement. In fact, these stories became so famous and widespread that former President of the US, Andrew Jackson visited the property. He was, however, so scared that he left saying​, "I would rather face the British Army than to spend another night with the Bell Witch." There is another legend that says Bell Witch is not torturous at all. In fact, many have claimed that once the witch even saved a child from inside the Bell Witch Cave. 


Whatever might be the case, the place has become a tourist attraction. Many people who have visited the place have vowed never to place a foot anywhere near it again. If you are interested, the haunted tour lasts around an hour and a half, and even though you don't get to meet the Bell Witch, you will surely get a creepy vibe from the place. Visitors who are interested in the Bell Witch Cave tour have to sign a waiver form before they enter. The form states that it is a natural cave and in case anything happens, they are responsible for themselves. Now, that's really spooky! For more details, check out their website here

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