Woman Creates Handmade Sea Glass Christmas Trees And We Want One Already

Woman Creates Handmade Sea Glass Christmas Trees And We Want One Already

The turquoise blue color of the tree is incredible to look at and you can use it for your Christmas home decor.

It's not easy to pick out the special tree we want to decorate our homes with each Christmas. After all, this wonderful holiday and occasion takes place only once a year, and we want everything to be perfect. Of late, people have begun to experiment with all sorts of Christmas trees, even faux ones. This woman from Naples, Florida has created some amazing trees of the likes we haven't seen before. Kristi Pimentel is a genius at putting together sea glass material to make Christmas Trees. The turquoise blue color of the trees is incredible to look at, and even if you wouldn't want it as your main tree, you can still keep it around for bright and lively addition to your home. 



These are coastal handmade sea glass trees and how lovely they would look by the fireplace! We were struggling not to be overwhelmed by their prettiness while ordering them. Pimentel has her own Etsy Shop called KPSeashellDesigns and you can see several different sizes and colored sea glass creations there. These unique trees are her designs and are subject to copyright too. Her designs are so popular that Etsy has declared that 'buyers are raving' about her shop. She has gotten multiple 5-star reviews in the past seven days and a lot more prior to that. 



In case you are wondering what that material is, sea glass comes from shards of broken glass which originated as bottles, jars, glassware, tableware or even as the result of shipwrecks. The most common source of glass is from companies that sell beer, juice, and soft drinks. Certain pieces can be much older, thicker, and have characteristics that will make a shard of sea glass more valuable. Aside from the sea glass Christmas trees, Kristi also makes sea shelled designs that are just as good. You can check them out on her shop as well, and for both the sea glass trees and the seashell designs, the price for each product ranges from $100-$1,400 depending on their size and nature. 




Checking out some of the reviews we find that user Linda wrote: "Arrived today, wrapped well and in perfect condition...this is an awesome creation..such detailed craftsmanship. I will gaze upon this beautiful tree for years to come...thank you". Customer Jill said: "The wait was worth it. I was beyond excited when I saw it shipped and waited anxiously for its arrival. Thank you so much it was well packed and beautiful.". Another customer James added: "Beautiful work Kristi! My wife Cyndie just loves her birthday present! I'm in good right now during this quarantine. Thanks! Highly recommend!" I am SO glad that l purchased this Sea Glass Tree. Kristin is an amazing artist and the photo of my tree doesn’t do it justice, as it is even more beautiful in person. This will be displayed in my home all year long as it will be a reminder of my love for my second home away from home, the Gulf Beaches of South Florida!" said an extremely jubilant user Amy. 

Image: ETSY

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