Woman Turned Her Front Porch Into Eco-Friendly Giant Cookie Monster For Halloween

Woman Turned Her Front Porch Into Eco-Friendly Giant Cookie Monster For Halloween

Tired of all of the spooky Halloween decor, this decorator turned her front porch into a Sesame Street favorite.

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate all the amazing decorations that came out of it. From houses that looked like they could have come straight out of your nightmares to the ones that made all the right nods to your favorite horror movies, 2019 was totally the year for all things spooky and kooky. However, this lady turned the front porch of her house into a giant version of the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, and honestly, it's the best thing ever. It made her front porch inviting for young trick-or-treaters and all of us older kids nostalgic about our own childhoods.


Lisa Boll, a professional porch decorator (yes, that's a real job!) based in the state of Pennsylvania, decided to celebrate the holiday of horrors with the most adorable front porch decor ever. If you ever wanted to feel like a giant cookie - which I'm assuming is something you obviously want to do - all you would have to do is walk through her front porch. That's because she let her imagination run wild and decorated her porch to feature a gigantic Cookie Monster. Boll decided she had had enough of all the scary Halloween hogwash and put her own twist on things.


As a huge fan of Sesame Street, and because the show is celebrating its 50th anniversary, the porch decorator was inspired to develop a creative home makeover for Halloween. She was glad that she was able to create something that was community-friendly, unlike so many of the other homes in her neighborhood. She revealed in an interview, "It’s fun for Halloween and it’s not a horror thing, so it appeals to kids under the age of 3. It’s not scary." More notably, the materials used to make the Cookie Monster were pretty environmentally friendly. She utilized natural vines to build the head of the Cookie Monster around her front porch and then sprayed the vines down with spray paint in true Cookie Monster blue. Finally, and though this isn't the most environmentally-friendly thing, she added “googly eyes” she made from styrofoam.


Boll has her own decorating company which specializes in updating old outdoor decks. Called Outback Designs and Deck Restorations, brings life back to homeowners' old, worn decks. Their services include refurbishing, quality color matching, repairs and more. The company affirms on their official website, "We gladly work in all surrounding areas and we give each of our jobs, no matter how big or small, the same personal, one on one attention."


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