Three Boys Let A Black Widow Spider Bite Them In Hopes Of Becoming Spider-Man

Three Boys Let A Black Widow Spider Bite Them In Hopes Of Becoming Spider-Man

The boys aged 12, 10, and 8 thought that such an act would actually give them superhero powers.

Throughout comic book folklore, we learn that the process of humans turning into superheroes isn't always a pleasant journey. Batman lost his parents, Tony Stark had to get captured and imprisoned, and well Spider-Man had to get bit by a special spider. Now snapping back to reality, it was reported that three young brothers from Bolivia were immediately hospitalized after they intentionally let a black widow spider bite them. They seemed to have taken the story a bit too seriously and thought it would turn them into Spider-Man, according to Global News

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In a truly bizarre incident, the three siblings, aged 12, 10, and 8, found the spider while herding goats in Chayanta, Bolivia. Telemundo reports that a Ministry of Health official revealed this news at a coronavirus briefing on Saturday. The boys thought that such an act would actually give them superhero powers. They allegedly prodded it with a stick and instigated it to bite each of them in turn, said the MoH official Virgilio Pietro. “Thinking it would give them superhero powers, they prodded it with a stick until it bit each of them in turn,” the official, Virgilio Pietro, said.



The mother of the children allegedly found them crying after that and once she found out what had happened, she rushed them to a nearby health center. They were soon transferred to a nearby hospital to receive urgent care before being transferred yet again to the Children's Hospital in La Paz, the following day. The boys had fevers, tremors, and muscle pains, according to the report. They were successfully treated and discharged last Wednesday, nearly a week after the day they were bitten, according to the outlet. Pietro shared the news and also gave a warning to parents, saying that “for children, everything is real, movies are real” — even though they are in fact an “illusion,” according to local media. 



The Black Widow spider is not an insect to be trifled with as its venom is 15 times stronger than rattlesnakes. The black widows are among the most feared spiders in the world, and the most venomous one in North America, according to Nat Geo. Even though the actual bite isn't fatal per se, children stand at a very high risk to get seriously afflicted, along with the elderly and infirm. When interacting with humans, National Geographic says that these arachnids are not really aggressive and would only bite in self-defense. 



Black Widows are found throughout North and South America and their toxic sting can cause severe pain and muscle spams, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) reports. “Although these bites are generally not life-threatening for healthy adults, medical attention should always be sought following a black widow bite — particularly for children and the elderly,” the NCC says. That notion didn't seem to deter these boys as they were obviously not aware of how dangerous it could have been. And yes, there are no recorded cases of a spider passing along its proportional strength or agility to a human.


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