Photos: Tim Burton's Art Exhibit Kicks Off In The US After 10 Years With Never-Seen-Before Artworks

Photos: Tim Burton's Art Exhibit Kicks Off In The US After 10 Years With Never-Seen-Before Artworks

Tim Burton's new and old works are now on display at Neon Museum 'Lost Vegas' and if you're a fan, you need to go check it out immediately!

The highly anticipated art exhibit by Tim Burton is now live, and hell, some lucky fans have already got the chance to meet the legendary goth director! Kicked off on 15th October at the Neon Museum, Las Vegas, the exhibit features never seen before works by Tim Burton and is a pure treat for fans of horror.



The man himself was present at the opening of the grand event which will run all through February and guess what, Johnny Depp was there too!

“I remember those sea horses like giant sea horses. And so then many years later that’s your memory of it. Then you look at it and they’re about that tall. So that’s a beautiful thing. And the weird thing about Las Vegas is your perception and the illusion of it. That’s why Las Vegas is such a weird dream," Burton spoke some words at the event, as reported by Review Journal.



"Lost Vegas" is Tim's first art display in the US in ten years which is why the hype is REAL and people were seen outside the museum standing in queues for hours to meet the director behind iconic movies like Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd and many more!



The exhibit features 90 percent new works by Tim, exclusively created to be displayed at Neon. Big and small, there's everything for everybody and if you love Burton as much as we do, you can go get your tickets and prepare to be amazed.



The tickets are as cheap as $24 and children below 2 can enter free of cost.
Honestly, I thought they will be more expensive given the fact how popular Burton is and how fancy The Neon Museum is but well, happy Halloween to you and your pocket!


There are two ticket options - 1. Tim Burton Brilliant $24, 'A 25-minute in the North Gallery with Tim Burton touches, uses light projection to illuminate unrestored signs and incorporates music and archival footage to transport guests into Las Vegas’ history. Note, Brilliant! incorporates flashing and/or strobe lights.' and 2. Tim Burton General Admission $30 which allows for an hour-long experience in the main Boneyard. 



What is the exhibit about? Neon Museum has some details - 'This is an exhibition of sculptural and digital installations that celebrates Burton’s link to Las Vegas’ historical neon heritage. These artworks, many of which are site-specific creations, play with the Museum’s landmark sign collection, which was prominently featured in Mars Attacks! Burton’s irreverent homage to the sci-fi B-movies of the 1950s and 1960s and the disaster films of the 1970s unleashed gleefully destructive alien invaders upon gamblers, casino workers and Tom Jones. The presentation of Burton’s art in Las Vegas is a unique experience where the host institution also serves as creative inspiration. The Museum’s distinctive campus is transformed through the artist’s singular vision for this original exhibition.' Check out some of the pictures below:








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