Freddy Krueger Star Robert Englund's New Horror Series Is Coming Tomorrow

Freddy Krueger Star Robert Englund's New Horror Series Is Coming Tomorrow

The upcoming horror series by Travel Channel is all set to dig deep into America's forgotten supernatural history.

When it comes to the horror and slasher genres, there are very few actors who can hold a candle in front of Robert Englund. His cinematic legacy is so deeply embedded in the macabre that his fans are still hoping to see him again as Freddy Krueger. Since there have been talks about a reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street in recent times, fans have been hoping to see the nightmare-inducing actor back on-screen. Even though there has been no news of Krueger appearing in the reboot, Robert Englund is gracing our screen once again, with the True Terror With Robert Englund premiering tomorrow on Travel Channel, reported Bloody Disgusting


This show has come in a perfect time where we all need a distraction from the news dominating our lives. The supernatural show is going to premiere on Wednesday, March 18 at 10 p.m. EST and you don't want to miss it. During the six-part series, Englund will narrate a set of stories where he will dig deep into America's forgotten supernatural history through re-enactments. These tales of mythical monsters and supernatural spirits, mostly hidden away in the dark shadows of history, are so terrifying that they can guarantee shivers down your spine.  


The official synopsis of the show reads, "Horror movie icon Robert Englund journeys into the darkest corners of America's past to uncover stories that are as terrifying as they are real." Throughout the show, Englund will use his ominous and creepy charisma to weave stories so terrifying that they will leave you afraid of the dark. All these stories are guided by newspaper accounts, historians, and experts that only go to prove that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. It will include accounts of flying monsters to unexplained sightings at night, demonic possessions, and hauntings that will keep the viewers glued to the screen. 


The first episode, titled "Twisted Relationships," tells the story of a North Carolina shopkeeper who suffers from having a vision of a countdown to his death. Did he meet his end or did life have other plans for him? Watch the show to find out. Another real-life account tells the story of a New Orleans teenager who claims that he was literally trapped inside his nightmare. The third is an account of an Atlanta police station that becomes a battlefield between a murderer and a vengeful spirit. Another story is "The Axeman," a mechanical invention that tortures its creator, a curse inflicted on a farmer, a person who defiles the dead facing the wrath of the Otherside, a family stalked by a mythical creature. 



So what drew the actor to host the show? In a conversation with Forbes, Englund explained, "It’s not just something that was said around a campfire. They’re not myths, they’re not rumors. Some of them are urban legends now, but they didn’t begin that way. What I like about it, is every single story we tell was chronicled in an American newspaper back in the 19th [century] and even as far back as the 18th century and the early 20th century. I love that it has that certain amount of cred.”

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