You Can Now Get Ursula And Oogie Boogie Funko Cereals And They Come With Mini Toys

You Can Now Get Ursula And Oogie Boogie Funko Cereals And They Come With Mini Toys

Funko is now letting you have breakfast with iconic Disney villains and you can bring home these super cute collectables.

With the live-action Little Mermaid in talks and everywhere in the news and Disneyland launching the Oogie Boogie Halloween bash, Funko has taken the opportunity to create more hype and launch super-cool villain cereal packs!

That's right, you can now have breakfast with iconic villains - Ursual and Oogie Boogie. Not only is the packaging INCREDIBLE but, the box also comes with an adorable mini toy!



Priced at $10.99 each, you can get the Funko boxes from stores near you or if you wish to buy them online, you can get them on Spencers and Spirit Halloween. The Ursula pop box contains creepy purple color cereal which is as evil as it gets.

'Reminisce about life under the sea for breakfast when you start your day off with a bowl of this officially licensed Ursula FunkO’s Cereal. Each box of Ursula FunkO’s cereal includes an Ursula Pocket Pop Figure and will no doubt be fun to eat. This purple multigrain cereal is an excellent choice to get your day started off right, and you’ll for sure be glad you made this cereal part of your world,' reads the product description.



About 1.5"H x 1"W  in size, the cereal box contains an extremely detailed vinyl mini toy of Ursula, which is a must-have for Disney collectors! Or, if you are more of a Tim Burton fan, you can bring home Oogie Boogie cereal, inspired by The Nightmare before Christmas. The ghost cereal is a freaky green color and it comes with a green adorable mini-figure. Get it here.



'Start off your day with a tasty treat when you pour a bowl of this officially licensed Oogie Boogie FunkO’s Cereal. Not only is this cereal delicious to eat but it also includes a glow in the dark Oogie Boogie Pocket Pop Figure. This green cereal is multigrain flavored and will be sure to help you start off your day the Oogie Boogie way!' Funko describes the Oogie cereal box. You can get yourself a box here.



According to iHorror, these two new cereal flavors are among the six Halloween special flavors Funko will be launching this year. The other four flavors are yet to be revealed!

While we're waiting on it, you can grab the previously released Funko Halloween cereal packs. The mistress of darkness has landed her own pack of FunkO Cereal and it is as dark as something can possibly be! FunkO is now selling Elvira cereal boxes and the loops are black in color!



Each box comes with a mini Elvira and it is a bonus for horror collectors. 'This Elvira, Mistress of the Dark box of FunkO's comes with an Elvira Pocket Pop!, and the black, multigrain cereal is bound to wow you at breakfast time. That's if you decide to eat it and not keep it intact with your Funko collection! Grab a box today and make your Saturday mornings fun again. Unpleasant eats!' reads the description of the cereal.



Fans of slasher horror can also bring home "Friday the 13th" cereal which comes with a super cute Jason Voorhees mini-figure. These loops when left in the milk bowl for too long, turn the whole thing blood red and honestly I would buy a pack just to see THAT.

Not meant for the faint of heart, this Jason Voorhees cereal pack is a must-have for horror fans. The cereal box is about 10.5 x 7.2 x 2.5 inches in size and comes in very attractive packaging. Get it here.


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