'Rhoda' And 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' Star Valerie Harper Celebrates 80th Birthday Amid Cancer Battle

'Rhoda' And 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' Star Valerie Harper Celebrates 80th Birthday Amid Cancer Battle

The actress who became popular with 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and 'Rhoda' in the 1970s has been fighting a prolonged battle with cancer. She created a Facebook event page for fans to wish her and many left warm messages wishing her a quick recovery.

Valerie Harper, the star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its 1970's spin-off Rhoda has been battling cancer for quite a while now. On August 22, she celebrated her 80th birthday after her successful treatment. The Primetime Emmy Award winner celebrated her special day with the rest of the world with a Facebook event page that was dedicated to the day.

It was heartening to see a lot of people leaving her warm birthday wishes and messages to get well very soon.  In 2009, a cancerous tumor was removed from her lung and her ailment went into remission according to The Inquisitr. However, her cancer reared its head again in 2013 and spread to her spinal cord and the lining of her brain.



The strong-willed actress fought and emerged victoriously. Called the 'Worldwide Virtual Birthday Toast for Valerie Harper', the page was started by the actress herself. She invited fans to "raise your glass to toast" the actress in "honor and celebration of her 80th birthday". She used an experimental drug that has worked up until now, and fans are more than happy that their beloved actress has made it through with her grit.



A fan, Edward Jacob, wrote on the page: Happy 80th birthday, Valerie, and many, many more! I'm wishing you peace, joy, and healing. You're a living angel. We still want to see and hear lots more from you! Love you! Another fan S. Zimmerman added:  Valerie, Happy Birthday to a bright light of love. Sending you all the healing joy that you have given so many of us over the many years right back at you. Thank you for you. Love, David .



Yet another fan Darlene G Young commented: 🎶 🎵 🎶 Happy birthday Valerie/Rhoda. 🎂 💕 I hope this birthday brings you joy and blessings. Your smile lights up a room, your happy, hopeful attitude is inspirational, your outward beauty comes from within. Plus you do wonderful things with scarves.I always wished to have your talent for scarf wrapping. I hope you have had a. memorable day. Donnie Palmer called her an "inspiration": Happy Happy Birthday Valerie, you are an inspiration and thank you for being you! Cheers to you today and always! 💜🍾🥂🍾💜🎂🥳💜



Harper has inspired a whole generation of people. Alina Gagiu perfectly sums up that feeling. She wrote: Happy Birthday Valerie! Know that I’m keeping you in my positive healing thoughts. You’ve inspired me since I was 12, and have been watching Rhoda and MTM On repeat every year for the past 25. At 31 I survived, per drs, a horrible accident “miraculously”, and am ok now. You’ve inspired me to be a better person and your art is brilliant. Always love. Happy-Happy-You-Were-Born-And-Inspire-The-World day. 80 and still so much younger ❤️than all of us. THANK YOU for Everything you did, do and will do 🙏❤️.



Despite her success in battling cancer, a source close to the actress told The Inquisitor that things were not looking so great for Harper. She is said to be suffering from "aphasia" and has lost the ability to understand or express speech. Another report by Radar Online stated that she had barely three months to live.  She recently left her rehab facility as her insurance couldn't cover it. Harper is now staying at home with her husband, Tony Cacciotti.



Her husband wants to ensure that she is comfortable in her surroundings. "If she can live last days looking out over the ocean, he’d rather her do it at home, not a facility.  He wants her to see the waves, be in her kitchen, know her bedroom.” Harper started out as a dancer on Broadway before making her debut in the musical Take Me Along in 1959. 

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