Hollywood Icon Betty White, 99, Shares Her Secrets For A Long And Healthy Life

Hollywood Icon Betty White, 99, Shares Her Secrets For A Long And Healthy Life

Follow these 7 tips for a long and happy life, as per Betty White.

Betty White is the one of oldest living actresses in Hollywood. Even though she turned 99 last month, The Golden Girls star is still full of life and continues to ply her trade tickling the funny bones of her fans every chance she gets. Born in 1922, the four-time Emmy award winner has lived a spectacular life serving in the army, working as an animal activist, doing radio shows, before foraying into acting. White is such a monumental artist every word she speaks can be taken as a piece of wisdom. When a person is so well-loved by an entire country, there's got to be many great things she's doing right. A few years ago, the near-centenarian gave hilarious yet fantastic tips to living a good life while appearing on David Letterman. Let's find out what they are.



1. Get a good night's sleep

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The importance of sleep can never be understated. Sleep too much? You will feel like a zombie. Sleep too less? Again, you feel like a zombie. The trick is to sleep anywhere between 7 to 9 hours a night, according to Sleepfoundation.

2. Earn money

There's no living without money in this world. So, find a job you're good at and stick to it, or as White says you can file a "slip and fall" lawsuit to make a quick buck. But, realistically, finding a vocation that doesn't make you miserable is the best way to go.

3. Exercise

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"Exercise. Or Don't. What the hell do I care?" White snaps. Science has shown time and again that inculcating a habit of exercising will keep you healthy and helps you live a longer life.

4.  Don't overshare on social media

Sometimes accidental oversharing on social media can land you in a world of trouble. So listen to White's advice when she says: "Avoid tweeting any photos of your private parts," and keep away from revealing too much to your followers on the internet.

5.  Don't live in the past

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People change all the time, the more the years go by the more you change. So, it's never a good idea to dwell on your past mistakes. Learn your lesson, move forward, and commit to never making the same mistake more than once.

6.  Don't watch bad TV

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When you watch a disturbing news story or a bad movie, you tend to take time to heal from the damage it has caused. It's not much in the long run but you should rather watch things that make you feel better.

7. Eat healthy

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Eating healthy is just as important a habit to maintain to living a happy life. "Take some wheatgrass, soy paste, and Carob, and toss them in the garbage," White jokes, " and cook yourself a big-ass piece of pork."



Following the advice of the legend is definitely going to make your life a lot more fun to live. So, take these to heart and remember, you can live as long as our beloved Betty White.

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