'Edward Scissorhands' Walking Tour Is Happening In April And It's A Treat For Tim Burton Fans

'Edward Scissorhands' Walking Tour Is Happening In April And It's A Treat For Tim Burton Fans

As part of the On Set Cinema series, you can now visit the site where Tim Burton's 1990 film 'Edward Scissorhands' was shot and get an indoor walking tour of The Boggs' house.

The artificial boy with scissors for hands stole our hearts thirty years ago. Since then, the Tim Burton film, Edward Scissorhands, has become a cult classic. If you watched the movie and wanted to be transported to the town where Edward and Kim fell in love, with its neatly mowed lawns, symmetrical roads, and pastel-colored houses, here's your chance. You can now visit The Boggs' house in April this year. 


As part of the On Set Cinema series, you can now experience the ultimate Edward Scissorhands weekend on April 25 as they take you to "the once pastel-colored, topiary-lined suburban neighborhood where Tim Burton created one of the most beloved cult classic movies of all time." You can almost hear Peg Boggs say "Hello, Avon calling!" as you walk around and see some of the most memorable scenes from the movie. You can hang out at the Boggs' house where Edward is brought after he is rescued by Peg from the castle, where he trims the grass hedge to look like a dinosaur during the barbeque and even gives the people from the neighborhood snazzy haircuts.

Speaking of haircuts, you can even one on the house tour. At the same place, Edward used his scissor hands to give everyone a haircut.  On Set Cinema will take fans on a walking tour of the filming locations that includes the interior of the Boggs house. After this, they have organized a barbeque in the backyard just like it happens in the film. At the barbeque, you can relax and enjoy the clear April skies and grab some food and drinks that will be available to purchase. To top it all off, the organizers have encouraged the attendees to come dressed as their favorite character from the movie or any other character from the Tim Burton universe, making it a fun costume party gathering.



You will then end the perfect day with a screening of the film under the stars. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then grab tickets for the event which starts at $60 at Lutz, Florida. The event is being organized by Kenny Caperton who currently resides in a replica of Michael Myers’ house from John Carpenter’s original Halloween. The ongoing film series wants to take the fandom experience a step further by having screenings of cult-favorite films at the site where it was shot. There are two other upcoming screenings of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in Texas and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives in June, with both already being sold out. 


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