The Spooky House From Wes Craven's 'People Under The Stairs' Is Now Up For Sale

The Spooky House From Wes Craven's 'People Under The Stairs' Is Now Up For Sale

You can even check out the VR tour of this incredible house in Los Angeles.

There are few people in the horror movie genre who are more famous than director and writer, Wes Craven. Just think of some of the famous horror classics in Hollywood and Craven would certainly come to mind. Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream, The Last House on the Left, the list goes on. There are legions of his fans who would like to collect memorabilia related to his work. This piece of news is however mostly for Craven fans with deep pockets. A house, where a horror movie was filmed, has now been listed for a price little below $2.5 million. Yes, we are talking about the same house where the 1991 movie The People Under The Stairs filmed.  



Starring  Brandon Quintin Adams and Everett McGill, this house formed the crux of this film. Besides being a runaway hit of its time, it is also a social commentary on race and class. For the fans of the Wes Craven and his work, you can take a tour of the house here. The house is located on around 0.4 acres of land and features eight bedrooms including a spacious master bedroom, five bathrooms, and a huge half-acre garden on the front.  The house has come up for sale after almost 3 decades, according to realtor.com, and is also flanked by 'three other lovely mansions with rich histories.'


The house also has a 'hardwood flooring and beautiful wood built-ins and features add deep character to this home.' Back in the 1930s, the place used to be quite a well-known jook joint.  It also has a stage and coat check at the attic level. In case a new owner has new ideas of what to do with the property, the website states that the house has "Great potential for small seat theatre or other entertainment ideas of an artistic owner as well as lots of well-lit wall space for the art collector." If one cannot pay the entire money upfront, they also have the option of paying in installments of around $12,365 a month.



Located in Hollywood, Miracle Mile, and Baldwin Hills, the house is at the 'center of everything exciting about Los Angeles, in a home that can be your personal retreat.' Now back to the classic that is associated with the house. For the uninitiated, People Under The Stairs follows the exploits of a poor Los Angeles kid named 'Fool' (Brandon Adams), who teams up with his criminal neighbor Leroy (Ving Rhames) to rob his greedy landlord's house, according to film.av.com. The two believe that there is a cache of gold in the suburban home. What they thought would be a simple robbery turns into their worst nightmare where they encounter characters they never imagined before. 



These include a pre-teen girl named Alice (A.J. Langer), an attack dog, and numerous pale cannibals in the basement. But these are nothing compared to the family that comprises of a psychotic brother-and-sister act, an ill-tempered father played by Everett McGill and a hyper-religious disciplinarian mother played by Wendy Robie. The surrealistic horror-comedy was inspired by a true story of children who had been locked up in a basement by their parents for years. 

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