The Perfect Christmas Gift? You Can Now Buy A Tortilla Blanket And Be A Human Burrito!

The Perfect Christmas Gift? You Can Now Buy A Tortilla Blanket And Be A Human Burrito!

Do you love Mexican food so so so much that you wanted to be a burrito yourself? Well, your prayers have been heard.

It happens RARELY that something trending on the internet is actually worth talking about and this is one of those instances. A blanket which looks like a tortilla exists and people are absolutely losing their shit over it. If you love Mexican food a lot or just food for that matter, you can now go ahead and buy a tortilla blanket and become an adorable human burrito!

I mean, the concept is genius! What's not to love? Comfy blanket? Goood. Looks like a human burrito? Goooood! The tasty looking blanket is going viral on the internet for all the good reasons and I WANT ONE!



But, sadly, I cannot because the internet works really fast and ALL THE BLANKETS ARE SOLD OUT! Imagine that. The blankets have been existing for quite some time now but never got the attention they deserved until a person posted about them on Twitter and her tweet blew up!

A stranger (who she later found to be her friend) bought Katrina the blanket and she shared snaps of it online. Okay, first of all, why am I not that lucky? Secondly, my friends really need to step it up.



"lmaoooo i just got home and this was inside a package addressed for me. amazing," she tweeted along with several pictures including a picture of her cat wrapped in one - a 'purr'ito, and I can't get over the cutenessss.

Her tweet went viral and thousands of people rushed to buy the comfy looking blanket, causing the store to run out of them. The giant blanket by Zen Life is about 5ft tall and you can roll it around yourself and be the snack you are.



According to the seller, the blankets will be available by next month so keep your eyes peeled! "Do you love Mexican food so much you want to reincarnate yourself as a giant burrito? Well now you can! Behold, the Burrito Blanket! With this giant tortilla blanket you can become a taco, quesadilla, tostada, enchilada, burrito, taquito or use your imagination. Fun for 1, 2, or more people. Roll yourself up alone or with a friend for extra tasty good times," reads the website.



"Made of 100% super soft microfiber. Printed on both side for yummy goodness! Measures 5 feet in diameter. Great gag gift for kids, tweens, teens and college students. Use as a beach towel, fun at picnics, camping or just lounging on the couch." The trendy blanket can be yours for $44.95 and according to the customer reviews, it is totally worth it!

"This is my second burrito blanket so I can't sing its praises enough! It's so soft and comfy - I had to buy another for my 5 year-old son so he wouldn't steal mine! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!"



"The coolest blanket I've ever seen. It's not a huge queen size blanket but definitely big enough for a throw blanket. Love how soft it is and nicely made. Worth every penny!" added another.

The blanket was up on Amazon as well but has run out of stock. So, you know, anybody who is thinking of getting me a Christmas present this year, here's your clue. The blankets are definitely a great gifting option for Christmas. Put a giant tortilla on your tree and make a Christmas burrito.


"Do not try to eat human burrito, tastes terrible, especially If human isn't washed first. Very hard to find enough beans or sauce for this large of a tortilla. Amazing blanket though, my wife loves it and likes to cuddle with it. Would recommend," reviewed a person on Amazon and I can't wait to get my hands on some human burrito myself!

Will you be buying a soft-fleece-tortilla and make it the most ridiculous yet amazing thing you've bought so far? If yes, register here so and they'll let you know when the blanket comes back in stock. You're welcome.


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