Trader Joe's Is Now Selling Adorable Pumpkin Trees For Your Halloween Decor

Trader Joe's Is Now Selling Adorable Pumpkin Trees For Your Halloween Decor

These adorable pumpkin trees from Trader Joe's are the perfect way to dress up your home, just in time for fall.

Now that fall is here, that is, the most perfect season to exist all year, the one you've been waiting for ever since you first saw the first brown leaf in your backyard, it's time to deck up your house with the perfect fall decor. And what screams "fall" louder than a bright orange pumpkin? Well, while you could go with a traditional carved pumpkin placed out on your porch (and no, it's definitely not too early for some Halloween decoration), why not mix things up just a little bit and try out Trader Joe's' adorable pumpkin trees? Yeah, pumpkin trees are a real thing! Check these cuties out.


Okay, we totally didn't know pumpkins grew on trees before we saw these decor pieces at Trader Joe's. If you've been pumpkin picking before - one of those typical fall-time activities that we already can't wait to do this year–then you're probably super familiar with how pumpkins grow: in the ground, on a vine. So it's probably a total surprise to you as well to learn that Trader Joe's stocks the cutest little pumpkin trees, just in time for fall decorating. People have already started purchasing their own adorable pumpkin trees and posting photos of them on social media platform Instagram.


The pumpkin trees are currently being sold at all Trader Joe's outlets across the country. They come in the funniest packaging. The 100% recyclable wrapping reads, "The Amazing Pumpkin Tree. Don't Be Afraid!" They even have simple instructions printed on the wrapping. Don't worry, the process isn't too hard to follow. As the instructions say, the Trader Joe's pumpkin trees are "five minute decor" pieces. All you need to do is cut the stems off of them, place them in some water - you can get a little creative here, maybe a skull-shaped vase or a DIY chic bucket from your gardening shed–and finally, enjoy!


They're being sold for $8.99 a pop and can be placed in just about any setting to make your home feel a little more fall-like or to even spook things up a bit. You can try assembling these pumpkin trees with some of your best spooky decorations in order to complete the look and feel of your home. Lots of other fall enthusiasts have already started using these adorable trees as home decor and it wouldn't be a bad idea to get some inspiration from their Instagram posts. Thespookyvegan on Instagram was one of the first users to set us onto this trend. She posted a photo of the pumpkin trees and stated, "Trader Joe's has pumpkin trees and marigolds! They also had pumpkins, the first ones I've seen this season!"


Meanwhile, others, such as Jodiellandry, were slightly confused about the trees. She wrote, "This had me confused? I try to Google things before I ask a question but I was admittedly stumped." If you're wondering what the pumpkin tree actually is, like we first did when we came across it, it's actually an eggplant. Yep, no lie. Pumpkin trees are scientifically known as Solanum Integrifolium or otherwise referred to as the Chinese Scarlet Eggplant. Now that you've solved that mystery, you can go ahead and pick up your own pumpkin trees to decorate your home. Go on, then!


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