You Can Now Get A Freddy Krueger Wreath To Terrify Your Guests This Halloween

You Can Now Get A Freddy Krueger Wreath To Terrify Your Guests This Halloween

It's the perfect Halloween decor to put on your doors if you are having a party this October and would like to terrify all your guests.

With Halloween just around the corner, and if you haven't started decorating your home with jack-o-lanterns or any spooky decors, are you even ready for Spooktober? 

Well, if you are still looking out for options and would like to get started with your Halloween decor, we might have just found the perfect product for you. We have all grown up watching Nightmare on Elm Street over the years and the number of sleepless nights after looking at Freddy Krueger is way too many to count. 

Etsy Seller // MoonliteWreaths


And now, Freddy Krueger is back and this time he's here to spook up your Halloween decor with wreaths sold on Etsy.

It's the perfect decor you can put on your doors if you are having a Halloween party and would like to terrify all your guests.

Etsy Seller // MoonliteWreaths


Here's something you'd like to know -- the product is not sold by one but many Etsy sellers so you have way too many options to look at. Keep looking till you've found the perfect Freddy to keep you guard this Halloween. 

But one that we'd suggest you check out is the Freddy Krueger wreath sold by MoonliteWreaths which has a 5 out of 5 stars rating. Selling it for just US$ 79.99, you can buy the product on Etsy here.

Etsy Seller // MoonliteWreaths


Consisting of metal wreath frame, red deco mesh, black deco mesh, spooky wreath attachments, and black felt, the official description of the product reads: "Who loves Scary Halloween Door Wreaths? Freddy is sure to jumpstart anyone's heart! This Spooky Wreath is made on a metal wreath frame with Red and Black Deco Mesh. Freddy is going to get all of your visitors. The finished size is 22 inches." 

Etsy Seller // MoonliteWreaths


People have been raving about this product with many commenting positive things on Etsy. "This wreath is SO awesome!! We live in the country and on a dark night this is going to "pop" on our porch. We love our 4 black cats and we love this wreath almost as much! Wrapped with extreme care, with instructions as to its removal from the box. I will treasure this for years to come. Thanks!," wrote a reviewer. 




Meanwhile, Freddy Krueger star Robert Englund was on the news for all the right reasons. The legendary actor fulfilled the life-long dream of a young Freddie fan who is battling a rare disease. Robert met Henry, the 18-year-old horror fan, after being contacted by the Make-A-Wish Illinois program.

In what can be truly considered as a heartwarming photo posted on the Make-A-Wish Illinois Twitter account, Henry can be seen wearing his Freddy attire while striking a pose with Englund.


The caption reads: "18-year-old Henry watched A Nightmare on Elm Street while coping with his rare disease. After being referred for a wish, Henry knew he wanted to meet his favorite horror icon @RobertBEnglund, who famously portrayed Freddy Krueger! @advocatekids"

Happy Spooktober y'all! 

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