You Can Now Get Gorgeous Rainbow-Colored Christmas Trees At This Farm To Ring In The Holidays

You Can Now Get Gorgeous Rainbow-Colored Christmas Trees At This Farm To Ring In The Holidays

Called the Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm, this place offers gorgeous Christmas trees in colors ranging from bright blue, white and fluorescent pink among others.

Christmas might be three and a half months but if you are already feeling all festive and can't wait to go shopping for the holidays, we might have some interesting news for you. 

Christmas trees are often considered one of the most important items while celebrating our favorite holidays. The age-old tradition of having a Christmas tree adorned in the living room, keeping gifts for the young ones -- it all makes us feel excited and should we say, Christmassy? 

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If you are looking to do something new and exciting this time around, there is a farm in New Jersey you can actually visit and get rainbow-colored Christmas trees for your house. How cool is that? 

Called the Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm, this place is located 80 miles west of the city in Belvidere and offers trees in colors ranging from bright blue, white, fluorescent pink among other colors. Once you visit this incredible farm, you will want to give your regular, green Christmas trees a miss and try out something more exciting this holiday season. 

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"Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm is New Jersey’s original colored tree farm. There are various colors to choose from, such as pink, purple, dark blue, light blue, turquoise, magenta, white, black, or orange. You're sure to find the color that's right for your family tree! These trees are while supplies last and are first-come, first-served," reads the official description of this incredible place. 



If you are looking to buy them, you can get these gorgeous rainbow-colored Christmas Trees for $12 per foot while the traditional green ones are $9 per foot. 

"Currently, there are sixty-five acres of Christmas Trees in production overseen by John Jr. who now offers a choice of cut your own or fresh cut trees. Quality has always been the standard as a Wyckoff Christmas Tree has been named 2013 National Grand Champion and New Jersey Grand Champion 10 times," the description of Wyckoff Christmas Tree farm reads.

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"The Wyckoff family has provided thousands of families with memories that will last a lifetime. We welcome you to visit our farm whether it is your first time or you have been here ten, twenty or thirty plus years as many have."

If you want to find out more about them, you can head to their website and look at all the options you can avail. 

Wyckoff's Facebook page

And if colored Christmas trees aren't your thing, there are other alternatives you can try out before the holiday season begins.

We all know how tedious setting up and maintaining a Christmas tree can be -- there are needles everywhere, daily waterings, your little kid could mess up all your decoration -- it is not a small undertaking. 




But hey, people have now become more and more creative every year when it comes to holiday decor. And in a rather alternate, or should we say amazing holiday decoration, people are now putting up their Christmas tree upside down and we are totally here for it. 



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