This Upcoming Van Gogh Exhibit Lets You 'Step Into' His Iconic Masterpieces

This Upcoming Van Gogh Exhibit Lets You 'Step Into' His Iconic Masterpieces

The Lume, by Grande Experiences, will be unveiled in June 2021 at The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, to become a permanent fixture

Vincent Van Gogh's iconic paintings are something everyone has seen. No one knows how or when they first saw it but we all admire it the same. Van Gogh did not get the recognition he deserved during his lifetime but a century later, he is as relevant as ever. Many of his paintings look so inviting that you just want to be transported to that place and take a stroll through the strokes of paint. From The Starry Sky, The Red Vineyard, Wheatfield with Crows, or the Café Terrace at Night, all look so inviting to take a stroll in. And now you actually can.


If someone had told Van Gogh in the 1800s that one day people would be walking through his paintings, the naysayers during his day would have laughed. But in 2021, The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, Indiana is bringing a new immersive experience of Van Gogh's paintings. The Lume will be a permanent fixture at the museum and according to WQAD, the exhibition will be a multi-sensory experience, created by Australian-based Grande Experiences after its success in New Zealand. It will be nearly 30,000 square feet of immersive, digital art, occupying the museum’s entire fourth floor.


The official description of The Lume reads: Explore the combination of great art and cutting-edge technology at its finest with floor to ceiling projections of some of the most famous paintings in the world. As the largest exhibition experience in Newfields’ 137-year history. For achieving the multi-sensory experience, the art space will feature nearly "150 state-of-the-art digital projectors that can transform two-dimensional paintings into a three-dimensional world that guests can explore through all their senses." It is bringing in new dimensions to how people consume art by going beyond the static nature of traditional art exhibitions.


Dr. Charles L. Venable, The Melvin & Bren Simon Director, and CEO at Newfields said in a statement, "After five years of research into art consumer motivation and innovative digital exhibitions in Asia, Australia, and Europe, we are thrilled to unveil The Lume Indianapolis at Newfields next year as a groundbreaking addition to what we have to offer.” He explained that the goal is to be able to see what probably went through Van Gogh's mind as he worked on his paintings. "Van Gogh probably watched the crows flutter off while he was painting the static painting, of course," he said of Wheatfield with Crows and added, "We might love the painting, but being able to walk into his mind, walk into what he was seeing vis-a-vis the great pictures he was able to paint. ... I found that extremely compelling."


The exhibit will debut at The Indianapolis Museum of Art in June 2021 with the first year’s show featuring the breathtaking paintings of Van Gogh. It will also go on to feature other famous paintings in the world. “How do you crack the code on the fact that over 76% of Americans never go to an art museum,” Venable told Forbes. “We have to figure out how to get out of that box, we need to have broader audiences, more diverse people.” Tickets for The Lume will be available before the grand opening next year. For more details, you can check the Newfields website.


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