You Can Now Walk On The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge In US, And Get Breathtaking Views

You Can Now Walk On The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge In US, And Get Breathtaking Views

Some adventure junkies were crazy enough to say that they would love to visit the bridge, while others, like me, gave it a big NOPE thanks to the sheer height of the bridge.

Are you afraid of heights? Well, if you are like me, who is absolutely petrified of heights, then this might not be as fun for you as it sounds for others. You can now walk across the longest ever pedestrian suspension bridge in the United States sooner than you thought. The SkyBridge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is finally opening on May 17 and it stretches over 680 feet across a valley in the Great Smoky Mountains, reports CNN.



Now, that is a view that needs to be there on everyone's bucket list! The pictures are gorgeous and it is the perfect spot to take 'Gram'- worthy pictures of nature. People can now get on the bridge by taking the SkyLift to the SkyDeck, which also, not surprisingly, opens on May 17. The deck has got some amazing views from the top of Crockett Mountain into Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It also comes with a gift shop for you to buy souvenirs, a cafe and a bar to hang out. 



Ever since the news of the opening made the rounds on social media, people have been going gaga over the bridge. Some were adventurous enough to say that they would love to visit, while others, like me, gave it a big NOPE. One Twitter user said, "Just heard about the SkyBridge in Gatlinburg and I'm def gonna spend lots of time enjoying the view."

Meanwhile, another added: "Nope, nope, and all kinds of nope!" So, as you can see the reactions are pretty mixed and it is understandable, considering how high it actually gets. Even for someone who enjoys viewing the natural beauty from the top, the height of this sheer bridge will make you want to steer clear.  



Now if you are wondering how much it costs, don't worry, we have all the details. The chairlift costs $15 per adult and $12 per child and you can reach to the top with the chairlift that will take you at least five hundred feet high from Gatlinburg to the top of Crockett Mountain. And once the bridge is fully open to the public, you can go and walk across it for as long as you want. You can even see the glass-floor panels in the middle that allow you to see the ground 140 feet below.



Although the SkyBridge's developer has said that it is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America, that's up for debate considering the fact that the pedestrian suspension bridge at Kelowna Mountain in Canada claims to be more than 800 feet long. The argument can also differ upon whether you measure the suspended part of a bridge or the total distance between its anchors.




But both the American and Canadian bridges cannot stand anywhere close to the gigantic Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge in Switzerland, which is said to be the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. It spans over 1,621 feet and rises as high as 279 feet. Talk about heights! If you are interested in getting your tickets, you can buy them at the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park office in downtown Gatlinburg.

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