You Can Win A Walk-On Role In A Hallmark Channel Movie This Year

You Can Win A Walk-On Role In A Hallmark Channel Movie This Year

With the "Snack, Watch, and Win" sweepstakes, you could not only win a bunch of tasty snacks but also a chance to be in a Hallmark Channel movie!

If 2019 is the year where you've begun taking steps towards your chance at stardom and showbiz, then you need to apply for this. Orville Redenbacher's, Swiss Miss, and the Hallmark Channel have teamed up to hold the "Snack, Watch, and Win" Sweepstakes, where you could score some delicious snacks for your next movie binge, but you could even win a walk-on role in an upcoming Hallmark original movie. 



"Hallmark Channel original movies are a cherished part of family gatherings on Saturday nights year-round, especially during the holiday season," said Danielle Mullin, SVP of marketing for Crown Media Family Networks, in a press release. "We are thrilled to announce this unique opportunity that will allow one lucky viewer the chance to experience our distinct brand of uplifting entertainment from center stage." The grand prize winner gets not just a walk-on role, but also a one-year supply of microwave popcorn. But wait, there's more! Fifty winners get a one-year supply of popcorn, and each week, 100 people who enter the sweepstakes will win a limited edition Swiss Miss and Hallmark Channel mug. 



"Movies and popcorn have been a beloved combo for generations," Carrie Swanson, brand director for Orville Redenbacher's said in a news release. "We're delighted to partner with Hallmark Channel to offer a truly unique movie experience, taking you from in front of your TV to in front of Hallmark Channel cameras for a walk-on role in one of their original productions." You don't even have to buy anything to be part of the sweepstakes—all you have to do is visit snackwatchandwin.com and follow the directions on the entry form. Think about it—wouldn't you want to be part of a movie about love, miracles, and Christmas? Yes, you would. Who knows, this could be the one thing that skyrockets you to eventual stardom. The contest is currently running and is on till December 31. 

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