This Pennywise Balloon Table Is The Perfect Decor To Spook Up Your Home

This Pennywise Balloon Table Is The Perfect Decor To Spook Up Your Home

The red balloon coffee table is a wonderful creation by Duffy London that creates an illusion of a levitating glass tabletop.

A stray red balloon floating up above will inevitably remind me of the scary and creepy Pennywise from IT. The character featured in Stephen King's 1986 horror novel carries a red balloon with him to lure in victims who are mostly children. Now imagine a bunch of red balloons holding up a glass to form a coffee table. If that sounds like something straight out of your nightmares that you would like to include in your home decor, a London-based furniture company already has you covered. Not only is it a very delightful addition to the living room, but it also acts as a tribute to the creepy clown.

The balloon coffee table is a wonderful creation by Duffy London, a design studio who combines art and function. They play with the concepts of gravity, geometry, and illusion, to create spectacular pieces of furniture that would make your inner child very happy. It was founded by Christopher Duffy in 2002 who has been responsible for many quirky pieces of furniture, including the balloon table. Duffy London calls it "The UP Balloon Table." The concept was imagined by Duffy himself and was designed on the concepts of levitation and buoyancy. It seems like a homage to the Disney Pixar movie of the same name. According to the official description on the website, "The UP Balloon Table is a playful trompe l’oeil, the gold and silver balloons impress the illusion of a levitating glass tabletop. This piece captures the imagination and celebrates nostalgic creativity."


Even though the makers were not exactly inspired by Pennywise when they made the red balloon coffee table, it sure does look like the balloon collection of all of Pennywise's victims. The table is made of toughened glass, mounted sturdily on the metal resin composite, toughened steel rods. The materials for making the table are all sourced ethically and are specially made by local artisans and in-house craftsmen. They also almost seem weightless in spite of being made using sturdy material. It looks like the air light balloons are holding up a glass slab all by themselves. The glass is supported by the faux strings that swirl down in a circular pattern on to the floor. The same style of dining tables is also available and they look even more weightless than the coffee table.


It sure would make a nice addition to your living room and also comes in several other colors. They are available in silver, gold and black as well. The shiny balloon surfaces add a certain luster to the surroundings while still maintaining the playful side of the design. But with the red coffee table set, it could very well be the start of an It-themed shrine. The table is priced at a steep price of $10,130 and also has only 20 editions. You can shop for the table here. Along with the pricey table, just add this spooky red balloon lamp to the mix as well for an extra terrifying effect on the room that is bound to be a horrific-treat for your guests.


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