This Edgar Allan Poe-Inspired Cake Has A Beating Jello Heart And Goth Fans Are Loving It

This Edgar Allan Poe-Inspired Cake Has A Beating Jello Heart And Goth Fans Are Loving It

The cake looks like an actual heart full of blood and it is placed on top of a copy of Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart.

Cover Image Credit: Youtube / Instagram @fancifulcakes

Much has been said about Edgar Allan Poe's brief 40-year life and career. He is undoubtedly regarded as one of the most, if not the most, influential authors in American literary history. His gothic works are nothing short of legend as his poetry and short stories have fused elements of mystery and macabre to perfection. Several of his writings will strike an impact on subjects that people may consider a bit dark or creepy, but Poe is well credited for bringing short stories to the mainstream and is also considered one of the pioneers of the detective fiction genre. Aside from that, Poe has also been known for laying the fundamentals of science fiction elements gradually developing into an independent genre of its own.



Interestingly enough, Poe actually became the first-ever American writer to make a living out of writing alone. Among his many poems and short stories is The Tell-Tale Heart, published in 1843. It is about an unnamed protagonist/narrator who tries to convince the readers of their own sanity. It's an invigorating read and as you flip through, you'll find the narrator describing the murder of an elderly man with a filmy "vulture-eye" in grisly detail. It's a fantastic story overall, one that involves careful calculation, an attempt to commit the perfect crime, and the complete dismemberment and disguising of the body under the floorboards of a house. 



One of the things that will particularly strikeout to you is the manner in which you are convinced that the narrator has gotten away with the crime. Still, there is a lot of guilty consciences, haunted with mentally distorting imagery that eventually leads to a thumping noise emerging from under the floorboards, giving the indication that the dead man's heart is still beating. We have seen this sort of notion even in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with Davy Jones' heart although that's on a slightly different tangent. So this beating heart that Poe describes is left to the imagination and one Youtuber's mom has gone and created a cake based on it. Alasdair Martin uploaded a video of a beautiful beating heart cake made out of jello for Valentine's Day party at his office. He claimed that his mom made it and it is replete with blood and looks eerily close to an actual beating heart. 



"All cake, all edible, all pumpy. My mom whipped this together for the office valentines day party. Do you have the heart to like it?" the uploader wrote on the description. The best part of it all is that the cake is placed on top of a copy of Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart. We found out that the mom's name is Jane M, and she is a dessert queen who loves to come up with the most innovative cakes you can imagine. She shares pictures of her creations on her own Instagram page, @fancifulcakes and her cakes include a portrait of Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, Olaf from the hit animated movie franchise, Frozen, and Kevin from Despicable Me series.





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