Zak Bagans Reveals What He Saw After Opening The Cursed Dybbuk Box

Zak Bagans Reveals What He Saw After Opening The Cursed Dybbuk Box

The experience was intense and scary, and something the team will never forget

From time to time, we all enjoy watching seeing or hearing real-life ghost stories. In fact, the attraction towards the unknown is so strong that we can't help but be engrossed in shows like Ghost Adventures and The Haunting. In a recent incident, the entire team of Ghost Adventures went through two terrifying weeks after Zak Bagans opened a Dybbuk box, reports PEOPLE


The entire team quarantined themselves inside Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas in late March and spent 14 days investigating a number of paranormal activities during the coronavirus pandemic. Bagans said, "It was an anxiety-driven investigation as raw and intense as we have ever done before. I firmly believe the global pandemic caused the manifestations of spirit activity to be at an unprecedented level." 


You can watch their experience as their four-part miniseries is airing on Travel Channel titled Ghost Adventures: Quarantine. Since they were quarantining and had no crew with them, Bagans and fellow paranormal investigators Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley filmed this mini-series themselves. This is where Bagans decided to open the infamous Dybbuk box which is believed to be "cursed" by rapper Post Malone after he visited his museum. 


After opening the box, Bagans shared his feeling. He said, "The scariest moment for me is what I saw and felt. We captured on-camera an unbelievable mist coming out of the box that manifested eyes." Bagans also said that he saw the dybbuk entity "crouching down towards the wall behind the box." While quarantining together, the team cooked meals and stayed at the museum. Goodwin says, "The easiest part was being with the guys. But the whole time was scary."


Since this was something never done before, the team decided to record everything. Since it was filmed continuously for 14 days, it definitely took its toll on the members. Tolley added, "It was definitely taxing on all of us. There was no time to recover. All during the height of a worldwide pandemic." One of the biggest worries that followed Bagans while filming was taking precautionary measures. 


He said, " We took all precautionary measures to ensure we were all safe being locked inside an insanely haunted building downtown, while also social distancing. So much was unknown at that point and the anxiety of that, coupled with the fear of our investigations, made an intensity we haven't felt before." 


The Zak Bagans museum is famous for its haunted artifacts, including the Devil's Rocking Chair and Peggy the Doll to name a few. Wasley pointed out that the place has "always been incredibly active." He noted, "But the opportunity to dedicate so much time and attention to investigating and performing experiments resulted in some very tense, scary moments and mind-blowing paranormal evidence."


The team was aided by electrical engineer Bill Chappell and was able to build an experiment "that possibly took the life of a woman, who was found surrounded by all of her own electronics that were still powered on," Tolley added. While the teammates agree that the entire process was "scary as hell," it is something that will always stay with them. 

The four-part miniseries begins Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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